Rampe d'accès 4'
  • Rampe d'accès 4'
  • Rampe d'accès 4'
  • Rampe d'accès 4'
  • Rampe d'accès 4'
  • Rampe d'accès 4'
  • Rampe d'accès 4'
  • Rampe d'accès 4'

4' ramp


Aluminum portable 4' ramp



GREAT FOR WALKERS, CHAIRS & BIKES: This 4’ x 30” ramp is ideal for power chairs, mobility scooters, knee scooters, wheelchairs, and bikes. Small, 4’. ramps are most appropriate for a 4” rise or less. Simply lay it across 1 step to enable rolling up to the next level. It makes a great temporary or permanent ramp for loading wheelchairs up a single step. Add it to your chair accessories today!

FOLDING BRIEFCASE DESIGN: This aluminum ramp folds in half and includes a handle so you can carry it like a briefcase. Because of this ramp’s convenient design, you won’t have to struggle with an awkward load as you carry it from your vehicle to your house. At only 37 lbs, it’s easy for most adults to transport.

WATERPROOF & NON-SKID: Metal plates can get slick and dangerous when wet. That’s why our 4’ x 30” ramp includes slip-resistant traction tape so you can get through doors safely regardless of the weather. You can even leave it outside all year round!

LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT: While some ramps come with cumbersome carrying cases, this ramp’s folding abilities and convenient handle make it ideal for transport wherever you need it. It’s always a struggle when a single step in a home or public space makes it inaccessible for wheelchair or scooter users. This ramp couldn’t be easier to use and makes life so much easier when you’re out and about!

FITS IN CARS FOR TRAVEL:  Its compact size also makes it great for travel! It’s small enough for trunk storage, so you’ll be able to drive with it wherever you need. Its portable briefcase folding design makes transportation quick and easy. At only 37 lbs, its light enough to move throughout different rooms or to and from the car. Simply lay it across 1 step to enable rolling up a short rise to the next level. This ramp is multipurpose and is wide enough for most wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and bikes. With its 500 lb weight capacity, it can support most chairs and scooters.

- Rough traction tape prevents slipping and sliding
- Best for going up 1 4” rise/step
- Wide enough to accommodate most wheelchairs and walkers
- Comes with handle for easy carrying and transporting like a briefcase

- Width: 30 inches
- Weight: 37 lb
- Length: 48 inches
- Material: Aluminum
- Traction surface: Black
- Weight capacity: 500 lb