Walk ramp with storage bracket


HD Ramps aluminum slider walk ramp with under-truck storage bracket- 28" Wide, up to 1,500 LBS capacity




This all-in-one kit includes an aluminum walk ramp and a storage bracket that installs under your truck to facilitate set-up and take-down while also providing a secure storage location for your ramp. This walk ramp is among the lightest, strongest and safest in the industry with exclusive EZ-Traction punch plate and 2.25" raised curbs. The punch plate offers excellent traction in mud, rain, snow and ice, and is more aggressive down the middle to offer superior shoe grip. The knife-cut foot smooths the transition between ground and ramp.

The included storage brackets allow you to store the walk ramp securely under the truck until it's time for use. Simple to operate, the ramp rolls out of the bracket smoothly on track wheels and can be pulled all the way out without falling thanks to the anti-theft stop plate. Then, the ramp can be lifted out of the bracket and placed into sill slots for a smooth transition from ramp to truck floor for hand truck use. When loading or unloading is complete, the ramp slides back up into the storage bracket and the bracket door can be locked to prevent unauthorized ramp access.

  • Kit includes a walk ramp and under-truck storage bracket
  • Walk ramps are manufactured from high-strength aluminum; storage brackets are powder-coated for durability
  • Storage brackets provide safe and secure traction in either direction of travel
  • Storage brackets include safety lock that holds ramp securely in place when in stored position; lockable door prevent ramp theft
  • Walk ramps feature EZ-Traction punch plate ramp for maximum traction; hook-end attaching points
  • 2.25" Raised walk ramp curbs alert user to edge and prevent roll-offs
  • Made in the USA
Usage Guidelines
Please note: Aluminum walk ramps are designed for hand trucks and foot traffic only. Not for use with pallet jacks or powered equipment!
WALKRAMP-SB-12-KIT 13'9-3/4" 28" 5-1/4" 242.87 LBS 1,500 LBS 25" 40" 24-1/2"
WALKRAMP-SB-14-KIT 15'11-1/4" 28" 5-1/4" 266.31 LBS 1,250 LBS 30" 48" 24-1/2"
WALKRAMP-SB-16-KIT 17'11-1/4" 28" 5-1/4" 283.55 LBS 1,000 LBS 35" 56" 24-1/2"