Step Deck trailer modular ramps


HD Ramps modular step deck trailer ramp system- up to 23,500 LBS weight capacity

  • (4) 8' L x 16"/18"/20" W aluminum ramps with double pin-on ends
  • (2) Heavy-duty adjustable lower ramp support stands (18"-24")


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The step deck trailer ramp is the most versatile ramp system for loading tractors, loaders, trucks, and heavy equipment onto step deck trailers, loading docks, or flatbed trailers. These high-strength, lightweight aluminum ramps are easy to set up, and have up to 23,500 lb. per axle weight capacity.

These heavy-duty ramps feature a reinforced stubbed toe so that they may be used as a modular system or used as 8' ramps on the rear of a trailer. The stubbed toe also prevents ramps from bending under the weight of heavy loads. This system breaks down into sections allowing it to be set up quickly and easily by just one person.

The ramps pin to an adjustable center support stand and skid seat ramp bracket on the trailer or loading dock. The stands can change the loading angle onto trailers and docks by creating an offset angle or arch. The required skid seat brackets (sold separately) are available in steel or aluminum and must be welded or bolted to the trailer or loading dock. Consider purchasing brackets wider than your ramps so you can slide ramps in or out to accommodate different vehicles. Complete your ramp system by adding lockable ramp hangers and stand hangers (sold separately) to conveniently store your ramps and stands underneath your truck or trailer. US Patent #8347439, #7930788.

  • Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum
  • Includes (4) 8' L x 16"/ 18"/ 20" W aluminum ramps with double pin-on ends, and (2) heavy-duty adjustable lower ramp support stands (18"-24")
  • Extra-wide serrated cross bars offer maximum traction in the rain, mud, or snow
  • Versatile and fully adjustable ramp system sets up in minutes
Usage Guidelines
Not recommended for trucks with mounted cranes, forklifts, or steel track vehicles. Never exceed the maximum axle capacity of this ramp system. Pin End Ramps must be pinned into skid seat brackets before using ramps. The best way to determine your vehicles axle weight is to drive the heaviest axle of the vehicle on a scale. Normally the front end of the truck is the heaviest axle weight because of the engine.
20-16-192-02-02M 16' 16" each 6" 20,000 LBS 380 LBS
23-18-192-02-02M 16' 18" each 5" 23,000 LBS 452 LBS
23-20-192-02-02M 16' 20" each 5" 23,000 LBS 460 LBS

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