Rampes de 8' arquées
  • Rampes de 8' arquées

8', 9' or 10' ramps


8, 9 or 10 feet long aluminum ATV folding pair of ramp


DURABLE & SAFE CONSTRUCTION: Our lightweight ramps are carefully designed using corrosion-resistant aluminum so that you can have years of maintenance-free use. Plus, because of the flexible and foldable design, our ramps are portable and durable. The wide design and slip-resistant surface make these wheel ramps work well for motorcycles, scooters, or small ATV’s.
SPECIALLY DESIGNED: The special arched design of our ramp pair allows you much better clearance than other loading ramps. This folding ramp also features serrated crossbars to allow for great traction, so you can trust it to function even in wet weather conditions. Now you can load your expensive and valuable recreational vehicles with ease and safety like never before!
SAFETY STRAPS INCLUDED: To better secure your valuable cargo, we’re happy to include safety straps with the delivery of these amazing loading ramps. Use them to strap down your vehicles to your truck bed or trailer, keeping everything right where it should be as you travel. 
1,200-POUND CAPACITY PER PAIR: These heavy-duty loading ramps have a 1,200-pound loading capacity, meaning that you’re safe to load your recreational vehicles up and down each ramp safely. Plus, they are constructed from durable aluminum and have serrated crossbars for traction. Add them to your outdoor vehicle accessories to help transport your toys onto your pickup truck or car safely! 
Our ramp pair has a 1,200-pound loading capacity, meaning it can handle the weight of most outdoor recreational vehicles. We constructed this solid aluminum ramp with an arched design to provide better clearance than other ramps. We have also included serrated crossbars in our design, which allow for greater traction. These features mean that loading your recreational vehicles can be both safe and easy! Whether you’re loading your dirt bike or your cruiser, you can trust this cool product to help keep it safe while you load it into your truck. The average rung spacing is 4.25” and the rungs have a 5/8” diameter. We include safety straps with this order so that you can also have the tools to strap your cargo securely to your trailer or the bed of your truck.



- Capacity: 1,200 lbs (per pair)  

- Arched design for better clearance

- Serrated crossbars allow for great traction

- Safety straps included

- No assembly required


- Weight: 38 lbs/ 42lbs/ 45lbs

- Size: 94"/ 108"/ 120" L x 11.25" W (each)

- Folds: 48.5"/ 54"/ 60" x 11.25" x 6" (each)

- Material: Aluminum