ATV truck bed rack


Raised truck bed rack, capacity 925 LBS



The Titan Ramps™ Raised ATV UTV Truck Bed Rack is designed to allow you to load your ATV and UTV into the bed of your truck while giving you additional storage space. It gives you the ability to close your tailgate so you will no longer have to haul a trailer behind your truck. You can load UTV’s and Dirt Bikes as well, while allowing you to load additional gear including gas cans, camping gear, spare parts and more. The raised ATV rack mounts to the upper part of your truck’s bed and is adjustable to fit all truck bed widths. The Raised ATV Truck Bed Rack also protects your truck’s rear window with the built-in back stop. The ramps can be adjusted from side to side to line up perfectly with your ATV tires. The raised truck bed rack can also be used to transport UTV’s and dirt bikes. Mounting this raised rack to your truck bed is easy and hardware is included. The ATV rack is easily mounted to your truck bed’s sidewalls. Simply lay the rack, mark and drill the holes and use the included hardware to install. Once the width of the rack and the ramps have been set, tighten the bolts and you are ready to load your ATV.

- Weight: 80 LB
- Max Width: 70”
- Min Width: 56”
- Tire Platform Depth: 18”
- Ramp Length: 38”
- Capacity: 925 LB