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Canoe and kayak cart


Malone Clipper TRX-S kayak/canoe cart with balloon tires



The Malone ClipperTRX-S with Balloon Tires make it easier than ever to bring your canoe or kayak beach- or lakeside. The two low-pressure balloon rubber tires have increased surface-to-ground area that offers more stability and less resistance across sandy or soft terrain. The folding marine-grade aluminum frame has a silver anodized finish and comes with adjustable rubber padding, corrosion-resistant hardware and twin kick-stands for stable loading.

This 12-pound cart can transport canoes or kayaks up to 200 pounds, and works best with V-style hulls. The frame to hull contact width measures 18.5". Two on-board cam tie-down straps secure the watercraft to keep it on the cart while it’s in motion. An included low air pump keeps your wheels filled as much or as little as you need, and the wheels come with push button releases – no more clips to lose! Finally, this dolly is UV resistant and folds up for storage.

Length: 2'11"

Width: 1'8"

Weight: 12lbs

Height: 16"

Max capacity: 200lbs